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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Contents [Jul. 27th, 2008|11:39 am]
Creative Typography


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I should’ve been an account exec. Or a media buyer. Or an account planner. I’ve never known anyone of these persuasions who has remained unemployed for very long. Even if they weren’t very good. It’s true. The good ones (and I will readily admit that I have worked with many good account folks) seem to hop around at will. Even the sad sacks who couldn’t write a brief, analyze a DMA or control a focus group of zombies never seem to have much of an issue, either. Just flash a resume with good accounts on it and you’re good to go. Need proof of your contribution to said accounts’ successes? Heck no! You don’t need no stinkin’ portfolio. You worked on the account. It didn’t go bankrupt. How bad could you be?

Creatives, of course, don’t get this luxury. I know many creatives who are quite brilliant at what they do, yet can’t seem to catch a break. Why? Their books are, shall we say, good. Not make-Alex-Bogusky-rage-with-jealousy-and-brain-Andrew-Keller-with-a-titanium-lion great. Just books full of solid work produced for a bunch of non-visionary clients. Probably at middle-of-the-road agencies you may not have heard of in cities in flyover country that aren’t Chicago or Minneapolis.

So these guys continue to look. Maybe they catch a break because they know a guy who knows a gal who knows another dude and they get on with a decent shop. But probably not. The probably end up at another no-rep place toiling away at sell sheets and arguing over why reflex blue went out of style in 1989.

And that's just.........................

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