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Identity: Best of the Best 2007 [Jan. 17th, 2007|03:18 pm]
Creative Typography



Previous contest "Identity: Best of the Best 2006" gathered 970 works from 26 countries in 10 nominations. This year two new nomination appeared in the contest; the contest itself is supported by ICOGRADA; there are more celebrities in jury. All works will compete in 12 nominations (6 nominations for logos and trademarks, and 6 - for corporate identity and package design).

Jurymen of the contest and members of selection committee don't see the names of the works' authors, while judging. Therefore they are absolutely unbiased. Project selection (finally there will be chosen 50 works in each nomination of logos and 25 works - in each nomination for corporate identity; total: 450 works) will be realized by selection committee, which includes designers from different countries: Robert Paulmann (Germany), Olga Pourtova (Russia) and Bill Gardner (USA).

All works passed the preselection will form long-list and will be valued by every juryman on 11-points scale (from 0 to 10 points). Opinion of selection committee members influences only on long-list forming, but it has no impact on final voting of international judges.

Unexampled level of 10 high-class and world-known experts from international jury provides fair and unbiased points for works.

Identity: Best of the best 2007 jury includes: David Carson (David Carson Design, USA), Erik Spiekermann (United Designers Network, Germany), Ken Cato (Cato Purnell Partners, Australia), Emma Booty (Landor Associates, UK), Alexander Faldin (fallindesign studio, Russia), Tony Speath (identityworks.com, USA), Cristian "Kit" Paul (Brandient, Romania), Ruth Klotzel (Estudio Infinito,Brazil), Minato Ishikawa (Minato Ishikawa Associates Inc., Japan), Ivan Chermayeff (Chermayeff & Geismar, USA).


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