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The Olympics - Part 2 [Aug. 9th, 2008|11:55 am]
Creative Typography


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Let’s look at some more recent Olympic Games logos of the last 25 years. A definite improvement most of the time. In 1984 the Winter Olympic Games were held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. This has a nice basic Nordic look and feel to it. Unfortunately any mention of Sarajevo never includes Olympic memories, just how the unraveling of the former Yugoslavia plunged into civil war in the 1990s. Sarajevo’s Olympic Stadium was used as a mass graveyard during that period. The city has a dubious history of world-altering events. It was here that a political assassination triggered the beginning of World War 1.

The 1984 Summer Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles and it marked the return of the Olympics to the US for the first time since 1960 and the first Summer Games on US soil since 1932, also held in Los Angeles.  This take on the red, white and blue was a gold
medal winner for its time. The look and feel was common all throughout the 1980s and became a design staple and even overused. But the logo was as successful as the LA games themselves.   Very dynamic looking, bold and iconic.

Four years later the 1988 Winter Olympic Games came to Western Canada and were held in Calgary. I know the logo was a bunch of things like interlocking Cs for Calgary, Canada. The rings of the Olympic logo. A snowflake for winter. It just never did the trick for me. By the way, the vertical line at the bottom was to indicate a stem on a maple leaf, Canada’s national symbol. Bet you didn’t see the stylized maple leaf in there too? Way too many things going here. Plus do we really need the apostrophe next to “88″ to know that it means what year it is? Plus Canada needs to get a Pantone swatch book and give some other color a try. The red is getting 
really tired and boring already.

The 1988 Summer Olympic Games were held that year in Seoul, South Korea and I never found their logo to be any great shakes either. I know it is a take on the ancient Yin Yang and the lanes on a track. The colors don’t do it for me and I also recall that their Olympic tiger mascot had a very strong resemblance to a certain cereal company’s cartoon tiger. I guess that one slipped under the radar of the folks out in Battle Creek, Michigan.

1992 saw the last time that both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games were to held in the same year. The IOC in their infinite wisdom felt that it would make more sense to


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