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Blog for 12 Point Type @ Talent Zoo!! [Jul. 13th, 2008|12:25 pm]
Creative Typography


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We are currently seeking Bloggers for a brand new Talent Zoo blog.  The new blog is called 12 Point Type and it’s all about advertising from a Creative's perspective. Talent Zoo hosts several hot blogs including Beneath the Brand (which is geared towards marketing/branding) and Beyond Madison Avenue (which is all about the advertising world). We also just launched a PR focused blog called Flack Me and a digital media blog called Digital Pivot.


12 Point Type
will be along the same lines as those blogs, but of course it will be 100% geared towards advertising creative geniuses. We envision the blog posts to dig beneath the surface layer of advertising and share some unsung insight from your perspectives - the Creative.  As you know, Talent Zoo is all about personality. We are seeking Bloggers who can share their experiences and opinions of the advertising world as they know it (good, bad, and ugly). 

At this point you’re probably asking yourself   “Why should I do this? I have plenty of other things to do!”  I hear ya! But here’s the benefit:  


·         Talent Zoo is a powerful brand ... your visibility in the industry will greatly increase by being affiliated with us. And we all know how important image is in the media world!

·         We know you have your opinions of the industry… this is the perfect place to rant or rave, or both! Your friends probably don’t care to hear every media related thought that runs through you head – but you can let it all out in a Talent Zoo blog!

·         Wow does Talent Zoo look great on a resume! Add this experience to your list of amazing-ness

       You can show off to all your co-workers that you write for Talent Zoo

Interested in joining our elite force of bloggers?
Please send an email with a short introduction on yourself (tell us about your marketing/advertising experience!) to: Jessica@talentzoo.com